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Jahan Dotson wants to regain his boldness in Grade 3

By meerna Jun18,2024
Jahan Dotson wants to regain his boldness in Grade 3

Since February, Dotson has been working to make Year 2 a speed bump rather than the beginning of a tumultuous stretch in his career. This meant going back to basics. He worked with FAU strength and conditioning coach Joey Guarascio to increase his playing strength, speed and improve his route running.

It seems that the work is also paying off. He made one of the best plays of the Commanders’ offseason training program, catching Jayden Daniels over his shoulder near the right sideline.

Dotson also has to learn a new offense with Kliff Kingsbury joining the staff, which will hopefully give Dotson more opportunities to use his skills. Despite leading the league with 636 pass attempts, the Commanders finished 18th in yards per game. Shots on target weren’t an issue as Washington finished eighth, but those catches didn’t translate into a game that allowed the quarterbacks to thrive.

So far, Dotson can tell the difference between styles.

“He (Kingsbury’s) is making it very simple for us now,” Dotson said. “And that’s really nice. Of course we will build on this during the season. But now we’re kind of learning the basics of attacking. We are moving through this slowly, but we have a sense of urgency as we learn.”

Dotson should have more opportunities to improve in his third year because Curtis Samuel is currently playing for the Buffalo Bills. Now Dotson is clearly marked as the team’s No. 2, so he is expected to play a larger role.

Dotson is eager to take on this challenge.

“I come in every day and just try to put in the work so I can reap the rewards,” Dotson said.

By meerna

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