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How high will temperatures reach this week? – NBC Boston

By meerna Jun18,2024
How high will temperatures reach this week?  – NBC Boston

Dangerous heat will descend on Boston for several days this week. While not unheard of, it is rare to see a series of temperatures this high. The last four-day episode took place in August 2022.

Temperatures will begin to warm up on Monday, with highs near 80 degrees. That’s a noticeable change from the weekend, but far from where we’re headed.

There will be a significant jump up into the 90s on Tuesday, then into the upper 90s on Wednesday and Thursday. The area is under a heat advisory or excessive heat watch for virtually the entire week. These alerts are displayed on hot and humid days.

What’s more concerning about the heat is that it doesn’t break down overnight… Temperatures are still in the 70s.

Although a heat wave is technically defined as three (or more) consecutive days with temperatures of 90 degrees or higher, the consequences of anything close to that can be deadly. Extreme heat should be taken seriously as health complications can occur. What makes the heat much worse is the lack of cooling at night. It is humid and the mornings are warm – so the body cannot cool itself effectively naturally. This is where air conditioners and refrigeration centers are more useful.

Never leave children or pets alone in a hot vehicle. What may seem unsuspecting is dangerous to children left in cars.

Help for the homeless and the elderly is needed along this entire section. For many people walking to public transport and waiting outside, their temperature is usually checked, so precautions need to be taken.

By meerna

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