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Detroit Lions explain Hendon Hooker’s time issues

By meerna Jun18,2024
Detroit Lions explain Hendon Hooker’s time issues

Detroit Lions quarterback Hendon Hooker used the spring to immerse himself in the offense and take what he learned in the boardroom to the football field.

In his first real, extended live football action, the second-year signal-caller struggled with accuracy at times, waiting too long to unleash football and mental errors during situational drills.

At the same time, his comfort level with the game has increased, and the increased exposure to a multiple-route schedule will help him develop in training camp.

“I think he comes out every day with an attitude of getting better, and I think he’s doing that. He has shown drastic improvement since day one of OTAs, or you could actually call it phase one or phase two, when we were here, broadcasting routes to where he is now,” Lions passing game coordinator Tanner Engstrand said. “He’s shown drastic improvement, whether it’s accuracy or just being comfortable calling plays, whatever it may be. It continues to develop and is on the right track.”

When asked about the 26-year-old’s footwork, Engstrand explained the difference between what Hooker was asked to do at Tennessee and now being part of Ben Johnson’s offensive scheme.

“It’s just getting him into the footwork where we want the quarterback to play within the passing game, within the system,” Engstrand said. “He comes from another college system in Tennessee where he actually pretty much stood still, pretty much sat in the cement where there was no movement and just waited. Now everything is in its rhythm and timing, routes should open at a certain moment of his fall and at these moments the ball should be thrown. For him to really have it all where it is – he doesn’t have to think about what drop I’m going to take, it just flows naturally. I’m in this drop. This is the concept that allows us to get rid of the ball on time and in rhythm. I think once it becomes second nature to him you will continue to see improvement.

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Quarterbacks coach Mark Brunell didn’t point to just one area of ​​improvement he saw in Hooker, but an overall increase in his understanding of Johnson’s concepts.

“It occurs in every area. I don’t know if I can pinpoint one area where we’ve seen the most growth. “I think just his presence in the group has improved a lot,” Brunell said. “His understanding of our concepts and the intentions of the plays that Coach Johnson is calling and what we’re trying to accomplish there.

“He just has a much better feel at this point than he did a year ago, and that just comes down to having to get reps. He’s actually able to go out there and play some football. Thanks to this, he made a lot of mistakes, we did a lot of good things, but we saw some development in such a short time.”

With a few weeks left before training camp begins, the coaching staff expects Jared Goff’s potential backup to take what he learned in the spring and perform better in training camp.

“The touchdown passes. Lots of try passes,” Brunell joked when asked by All Lions what was expected from Hooker. “I just understand our offense even better. I think he will get many chances in pre-season. His job as a quarterback is the same as any quarterback. Move the team. Make good decisions with the ball, take care of the ball first and foremost. Be on time, be accurate, understand the situation. Just quarterback stuff. We have high expectations for him and hope to see it in pre-season. We hope to see this on the training pitch as well.”

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