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Dallas Cowboys Win Total Over/Under 10.5 in 2024 – A lot or a little?

By meerna Jun18,2024
Dallas Cowboys Win Total Over/Under 10.5 in 2024 – A lot or a little?

The dog days of the off-season are upon us. Since there isn’t much action to talk about, fans and media alike will focus on different storylines for the upcoming season to fill the space. When it comes to the Dallas Cowboys, there never seems to be a shortage of stories to cover. From Dak Prescott and his contract to CeeDee Lamb’s absence for most of the offseason while searching for a new deal, Dallas certainly has a penchant for the dramatic.

With everyone focused on the details, let’s take a broader look at the upcoming season and discuss expectations for this year’s version of the Cowboys.

Wins Over/Under 10.5 for the Cowboys in 2024

They may not get everything right, but when it comes to knowledge, Las Vegas bookmakers are usually right. As it stands, several books project the Cowboys to have a 10.5 win total, which opens up an interesting conversation for the 2024 season.

The number is certainly not accidental. Las Vegas takes into account everything from the offseason the team has had to a tough slate of games in the standings that ranks the Cowboys 12th in terms of their season-opening schedule. Taking all this information into account, 10.5 wins is the mark set by Vegas, just shy of three consecutive 12-win seasons.

Heading into the season with question marks at many key positions, both as a QB and head coach with an uncertain future, will this be the season where the Cowboys hit the reset button?

While it may seem crazy to some franchises, if the Cowboys show any signs of regression in the regular season this year, coupled with their lack of progress in the playoffs, even with 10 or even 11 wins in the regular season, it becomes a real possibility.

Cowboys Nation is a fan base hungry for playoff success that has lost patience, taking a cautious approach to a team they desperately want to follow. Optimism is legitimately low for a team that is 36-15 over the last three years, and while it was never just about playoff appearances, Cowboys fans have achieved a sense of expectation they haven’t seen since the early 1990s.

With so much to deal with in 2024, one thing is clear – it’s time to give up or shut up. With that in mind, BTB, what do you say?

How many wins will the Cowboys finish in 2024?


Dallas Cowboys Wins Over/Under 10.5 in 2024?

By meerna

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