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Analysis of the Broncos’ cash commitment to the attack position in 2024

By meerna Jun18,2024
Analysis of the Broncos’ cash commitment to the attack position in 2024

With the majority Denver Broncosroster changes on the books, we take a closer look at the resources the team currently devotes to each position group. Some of that may change after the preseason ends and teams will have to reduce their rosters to 53 players plus a 15-man practice squad.

However, checking your current resources will give you an idea of ​​what to expect once the regular season begins. In this section we will look at offensive attacks. The Broncos have two veterans who bring a wealth of experience, as well as a group of younger players who will fight for depth.

Left guard Garett Bolles is entering the final year of his contract, for which the Broncos owe him $16 million in non-guaranteed salary. Mike McGlinchey restructured his contract to give the Broncos more space to play right wing, so he will receive $15 million in fully guaranteed money this season – an amount that has not changed even after his restructuring.

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the Broncos added Matt Peart as an unrestricted free agent this off season. He is to receive a salary of USD 1.1 million for 2024. This season he is to receive approximately USD 1.3 million, of which PLN 200,000. dollars is fully guaranteed.

The remaining attackers and their monetary commitments for 2024 are Quinn Bailey ($1.055 million), Frank Crum ($894,000, $250,000 fully guaranteed), Alex Palczewski ($795,000) and Demontrey Jacobs ($795,000). dollars).

The Broncos commit more than $30 million to starting offensive tackles, which is a significant investment at the position. This is the most the Broncos have committed to two players in the same position (Bolles and McGlinchey).

Of course, it makes sense to commit more money to the offensive line when you have a starting QB like Bo Nix on a cheap contract. The Broncos will be tied to McGlinchey through 2025, as his $17.5 million base salary next year will become fully guaranteed earlier in the offseason.

Meanwhile, Bolles is entering the final year of his contract, but it’s possible the Broncos will extend it. If everything works out with Nix, the Broncos may be ready to keep Bolles for a few more seasons.

The remaining attackers are competing for roster spots, although Peart may have an inside slot at the swing attack position. Bailey has been used as a defender at times and although he is a better tackler, his versatility could earn him a starting spot.

Of course, time will tell how the remaining attackers perform in training camps and the pre-season. One of them may surprise and secure a place in the squad.

But the bottom line is this: The Broncos have invested a lot of money in the offensive tackle position. Again, this makes sense if you’re not committing that much money to your current QB.

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