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30 people in their 30s: Chelsea Hyduk, owner, CHYDUK, Detroit

By meerna Jun18,2024
30 people in their 30s: Chelsea Hyduk, owner, CHYDUK, Detroit

Chelsea Hyduk // Photo: Trever Long

Chelsea Hyduk, founder and owner of the CHYDUK architectural firm in Detroit, is not the only owner her one-woman shop might suggest. She cares about working with others.

“Living and working in Detroit is incredibly inspiring for me because it’s such a vibrant place,” says Hyduk. “It has such a rich history, but it also has an incredibly dynamic future, and designers play a key role in shaping that future. There is a sense of cooperation.”

Her firm serves as project architect on projects that contribute to strengthening and uplifting the relevant local context and community.

“I began focusing on heart-centered designs for clients who aspire to create beautiful spaces that create impact beyond the bottom line,” says Hyduk. “Architecture is the bridge between materials and spirituality in the way we experience space.”

The company also acts as an umbrella company for multiple companies to support people working together on different projects. “It allows me to collaborate with other designers, architects and friends while maintaining autonomy over my practice and life,” he says.

One example is MCD Development & Design, founded in 2021, which is focused on contributing to the fabric of Detroit’s Core City neighborhood. The projects use architecture to facilitate multi-generational living, access to nature and community building.

Another one is the Intuitive Yoga School Cooperative, which transformed a one-person virtual yoga studio into a cooperative.

“This is an example of innovatively using the concept of a traditional yoga studio to create something that truly is… students and teachers evolving and developing to shape the needs of the people who are involved with it every day.”

Hyduk grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, moved to New York to pursue graduate school at Columbia University, spent 12 years there, and returned to her home state with her husband after the pandemic.

While working in New York at SHoP Architects, she was the project manager for YouTube’s 400,000-square-foot mass timber headquarters in San Bruno, California.

“This project gave me a deep understanding of my desire and drive to balance the building with the natural environment,” he says. “You can create something that neglects that and is more of a product, or you can have a deep connection to the place and its history, which is what drew me to Detroit so much.”

By meerna

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